EnviroCare International

EnviroCare International, with headquarters in California, designs and manufactures pollution control systems across a wide range of maritime, industrial, and municipal applications for clients worldwide. Spanning a successful history of more then 30 years and more than 1000 installations, each of our systems have been custom engineered and fabricated to meet the specifications of our clients and their individual applications. We offer advanced solutions for meeting the increasingly stringent maritime pollution control standards including, IMO, EPA, CARB, and other maritime
regulations. Through continuous research and development, we are expanding our product line with innovative technologies to meet current, future, and the ever-increasing pollution control regulatory climate.

EnviroCare established MicroMist Marine as a specialized division, dedicated to providing advanced technology scrubbers to help ship owners and operators lower CAPEX, while improving their
ship’s financial bottom line. Applying the technology and experience of EnviroCare, MicroMist Marine applies next generation, proven, innovative technologies focused upon safe, reliable operations.  EnviroCare offers the potential for significant impact on improving your ship’s financial performance.

Scrubber Technology Leader

While aiming for similar goals, not all scrubber technologies are the same. Our customers are challenged to evaluate capital expenditures, operating costs, life cycle costs, and the business cases for how best to meet the short, medium, and long term environmental regulations. A properly engineered and fabricated ship scrubber offers much more than simply a major piece of equipment to keep the regulators happy. Let EnviroCare demonstrate how to minimize upfront investment, while lowering your day-to-day OPEX and total life cycle cost.