About MicroMist Marine

MicroMist Marine is a new family of technologically-advanced, lower cost ship scrubber systems. We offer scalable scrubber solutions that are designed for each different class of vessel, while maintaining the same underlying patented scrubber technology pioneered by EnviroCare over the last 30 years. EnviroCare is the scrubber expert, addressing market requirements. Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS) are our specialty.

Our ship scrubbers are American engineered and crafted. Applying a customized approach to configuring the scrubbers, we create economical designs that address all potential maritime environmental regulations. While current regulations mainly focus on NOx and SO2, MicroMist Marine Scrubbers can also address particulate matter, acid mist, and visible plumes. Our scrubbers are compatible with all other shipboard systems, and include built in automation hookups for plug and play operational monitoring.